Difference Between Doberman Pinscher and German Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher vs German Pinscher

Doberman pinscher and German pinscher are closely related dog breeds that share many common characteristics, yet there are considerable differences between them. Their appearances closely resemble each other, except for size and temperaments. It is very important to consider the physical requirements for each breed as those vary between Doberman and German pinschers due to differences in temperaments and body sizes.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman pinscher is a highly popular and well-known dog breed for their great intelligence. Since they can think fast, the alertness is high. With a high level of intelligence, Doberman pinschers serve as highly loyal companion dogs. Despite their closeness to the owner, Doberman pinschers can be terrifyingly dangerous towards the strangers.

The dog breed standards state that purebred Doberman male would be tall ideally between 66 – 72 centimetres and a female should be between 61 and 68 centimetres at their withers. Thus, Doberman pinschers are generally medium to large size dogs. The body shape of Doberman pinscher is unique with a square framed body; so that the height and the length measure the same. In addition, the lengths of their head, neck, and legs should be proportional to the body. The waist is small and round while the chest area is large and square shaped. Their fur coat is short and soft with a shiny appearance. There are four standard colours present in Doberman pinschers such as black, red, blue, and fawn. However, there are white colour Dobermans as well, which is a result of albinism; they are called albino Dobermans. Doberman tails are usually docked, and ears are cropped in order to make them look fearsome, yet the natural tail would be much long and their ears would grow as in Labradors.

This very impressive dog breed was developed in Germany around 1890. Their importance as a dog breed becomes pronounced with the modern studies proving that they are amongst the most intelligent dog breeds.

German Pinscher

As their name indicates, the origin lies in the Germany, but in olden days, and the original name was Deutscher pinscher. However, the American Kennel Club has granted the standards of a breed for German pinschers in 2003. German pinschers have been the ancestor of many popular dog breeds such as Doberman pinscher, Miniature pinscher, Affenpinscher, and Standard schnauzer.

German pinschers are medium size dogs with the height of an adult ranges around 43 – 51 centimetres at withers. The bodyweight of a well-grown adult would lie around 11 – 15 kilograms. The overall shape of the body looks like a square with the height and the length being same. German pinschers have a lightly slanted back as in the Dobermans. They are available in only two colourations, black (with rust spots in particular places) and solid red. The athleticism of these dogs is very high as they are highly energetic. Therefore, they require a large space to play around from the young ages.

German pinschers are highly affectionate about their owners but highly alerted about the strangers. Indeed, they should not be left alone with children, due to the risk of attacking the unattended kids. There are not many individuals of this breed, and as a result, their gene pool is much small. Hence, the susceptibility for hereditary diseases would be high.

Doberman Pinscher vs German Pinscher

• German pinschers have been originated before the Doberman pinschers.

• Dobermans are larger and heavier than German pinschers.

• Purebred German pinschers are available in only two colour forms, but Dobermans come in four colour varieties.

• German pinschers are more dangerous than Dobermans could be.

• Dobermans could be left to play with kids but not the German pinschers.

• German pinschers do not prefer reinforcing during training, whereas Dobermans should be trained with reinforcements. That means the German pinschers are more intelligent than Dobermans.