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Difference Between Eagle and Falcon

Eagle vs Falcon

Eagle and Falcon are two large birds that show differences between them when it comes to their nature and characteristics. A falcon normally has a notch on its beak. It is interesting to note that the beak of a falcon is used for breaking the neck of its prey.

As a matter of fact, the peregrine falcon is one of the fastest birds in the world. It can fly up to 200 mph (320km/h) in a dive. It is important to know that falcons are characterized by the presence of long wings when compared to eagles. It is found that many species of falcon are endangered.

On the other hand eagles have strong beak. Their beaks are sharp and hooked too. It is interesting to note that eagle is classified as a preying bird. Eagles attack and eat small animals. They have strong and sharp claws to hold the prey.

The eagles use their beaks to tear flesh. Eagles fly at great heights. They have sharp eyes to locate their prey on the ground. The body of an eagle is made of a strong framework of bones. These bones are hollow and filled with air. Its body is light but strong. It is a boat-shaped bird and so it is able to float in the air easily.

A falcon too has a body made of a strong framework of bones. Its bones are also hollow and filled with air. It is boat-shaped too and hence is able to float in the air easily. Both the falcon and the eagle use its wings in the place of arms. They both have strong muscles. Hence these muscles are often referred to by the name flight muscles. These are the differences between eagle and falcon.


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