Difference Between Epoxy and Resin

Epoxy vs Resin

Even if you do not know what epoxies or resins are, these are products that you may have been using in your life for different purposes. If you have used a glue for your arts and crafts classes as a kid or pasted mica over a table or chair using a product, you have made use of epoxies and resins. These are adhesives that are used in many industries, especially construction, and these products find many uses in our daily lives too for the repair of simple objects around us. There are epoxies, resins, and even epoxy resins to confuse people. Despite sharing many similarities, there are differences between epoxy and resin that will be highlighted in this article.


Resins are mostly found in liquid form though there are some companies that sell it in powdered form too. When using a powder, all you have got to do is to mix it with water to prepare the resin and use it as an adhesive. It takes a while for the resin to set and cure. When used to paste laminates like mica over a board, one has to wait for 8-10 hours before the resin is finally set. In hot climates, this setting takes place earlier than in cold climates. Resins are mostly used in the construction industry as it does not require making use of furniture in a hurry.


Epoxy is both the name of the ingredient as well as the end product that is formed during the manufacture of epoxy resins. Both are used as adhesives in many industries such as construction, optics, dentistry, medicine, food, Glass, metals, engineering, and so on. These are plastic adhesives that help in bonding together different products. It is this special property that makes epoxies and resins so popular for repair and maintenance around homes and in commercial settings.

Epoxy is an adhesive that is preferred by most industries as it provides greater strength to the joint and also gets cured in a short time period. Epoxy is resistant to heat and chemicals making it ideal in many different environments. It is also resistant to water making it perfect to be used in conditions of moisture. It is also very durable, in addition to being able to provide a strong joint. As it dries very quickly, it is used in many different industries such as sports, glass, automobile, jewelry, etc. However, these properties make it expensive too.

Epoxy vs Resin

• Epoxy is the name of an ingredient as well as the end product of epoxy resin manufacturing.

• Epoxy is stronger than resin.

• Epoxy is resistant to water, heat, and chemicals whereas resins are not.

• Resins are used more in construction where there is no hurry for the final product.

• Epoxy is preferred in most industries as it sets much faster than resin.