Difference Between Glycogen and Starch

Glycogen vs Starch

Glycogen and Starch are two main sources of glucose that gives human body the energy needed in order to perform day to day tasks. These two sources of glucose are then converted into carbohydrates by the body and distributed to every single cell for later use.


Glycogen, also known as animal starch, is a source of energy that can be found in animals only. Glycogen consists of a single molecule and its structure is branched purely. The animal liver and muscles are responsible in the creation of glycogens. The glycogens acts as an emergency reserve when the human body suddenly needs an ample amount of energy such as in emergency situations like fire and flood.


The term Starch is coined from a Middle English word “sterchen” which means “to stiffen”. Starch is made of two molecules and their structure is composed of a chain and branch component. Starch, the same with glycogen, is another source of energy that can be found in plants only. Starch can usually be found in staple foods like rice, barley, oats and potatoes.

Difference between Glycogen and Starch

Glycogen and starch are a good source of energy aside from the energy that the human body produces. Glycogen can be found solely from animals and is created by the liver and the muscles and can sometimes be made in small amount by the brains and stomachs. Starch, on the other hand, can solely be found in green plants and staple foods such as oats, barley and potatoes. Glycogen has a single molecule while the starch has double molecules. In terms of the structure, glycogens are branched out purely whereas the starch consists of branch and chain components.

Well, the obvious difference between glycogen and starch, without delving into its structures and molecules, is where they are coming from. Glycogens come from animals only and starch from plants only.

In brief:

• Glycogens are solely coming from animals, specifically made by the liver and the muscles, while the starch solely comes from the green plants and staple foods like potatoes and cassavas.

• Glycogen has a single molecule only whereas starch has two molecules.

• In terms of structure, glycogen structures are branched purely and starch structure is composed of branch and chain components.