Difference Between Half-and-Half and Whipping Cream

Half-and-Half vs Whipping Cream

Cream is a dairy product that is multipurpose and used in both cooking as well as confectionary. It is lighter than milk which is why it rises to the top of the milk when fresh milk is churned or is left on its own for some time. Cream is available in many different qualities, in the market depending upon its fat content. What makes it confusing for common people is that it is called differently in different countries. Two such confusing terms are Half and Half and Whipping Cream. However, there are differences between these two qualities of cream that will be discussed in this article.

Half and Half

Half and Half is a type of cream available in the market and the reason for this interesting name is because of the fact that this is a mixture of half milk and half cream. This phrase is used in US while the equivalent variety of cream is simply called cream or single cream in UK. This cream contains only 10-18% of fat content. Extra Light is the term for this type of cream in Australia. This cream is easily poured as it is very thin and so it is added to sauces and soups and also poured over hot beverages like coffee. It is also poured over desserts, to make them more delicious and smooth. However, Half and Half cream should not be boiled as it curdles at high temperatures.

Whipping Cream

Probably so called as it can be whipped but has not been whipped yet, the whipping cream is a type of cream that contains 35% of fat and can be piped. It whips well and doubles in volume. It withholds its form after whipping and can be used for decoration of cakes as well as a filling inside pastries. In US, the name for this quality is light whipping cream. It looks fluffy when whipped but is still light and healthy in comparison to heavy cream or double cream. This is why it is considered a healthier option when one is calorie conscious. It can be placed on top of desserts and coffees without feeling guilty about eating something very fatty.

Half-and-Half vs Whipping Cream

• Half and Half has a lesser fat content than whipping cream.

• Half and Half is so called as it is a mixture of milk and cream.

• Half and Half has 10-18% of fat whereas whipping cream has around 35% of fat.

• Whipping cream whips easily, whereas it is not possible to whip Half and Half.

• Half and Half is thin and is poured over soups and vegetables, whereas whipping cream is thick and is placed on top of desserts and used as a filling inside cakes and pastries.

• Half and half is used commonly as a cream over coffee all over the world.