Difference Between McDonalds and Burger King

McDonalds vs Burger King

When one thinks of fast food, there are two names that strike the mind, and these are McDonalds and Burger King, two of the most popular chain of restaurants around the world though primarily being US based. Of the two, McDonalds is way ahead of Burger King in sales and brand value, being present in more countries than Burger King. However, this is only what is ostensible and there are many more differences between these two fast food giants that will be highlighted in this article.

First let us talk about the similarities between the two chains of restaurants. Both have similar menus, serve orders in a few minutes, and maintain high quality standards. Both offer their premises to customers to be used for birthdays and other small ceremonies.

It is a fact that more people around the world know about McDonalds than Burger King. And McDonalds beats Burger King in total turnover hands down. Burger King is s small kid when compared with McDonalds which is the largest chain of fast food restaurants in the world. Founded by Ray Kroc in 1955 in New Jersey, the giant conglomerate today serves nearly 65 million customers daily worldwide. Though most of the joints running in the name of McDonalds are franchises, some outlets are run by the company itself. While McDonalds has a wide selection as far as the menu is concerned, it is primarily known for its hamburger, cheeseburger, French fries, cold drinks, and various desserts. Puritans would never have thought a day would come when McDonalds would serve salads, fruits and wraps to its customers. This reflects company’s changing menu in response to customers changing tastes.

It is hard to believe but Burger King, a fast food chain of restaurants second only to McDonalds in US started before McDonalds. It was called Insta-Burger King when it opened in 1953 but soon ran into financial troubles to be taken over by two of its own franchisees who named it as Berger King. Since then Burger King has not looked back and expanded many times over though it has also changed hands as far as owners are concerned.

What is the difference between McDonalds and Burger King?

• MacDonald’s have a few franchises where they have playgrounds to keep kids busy with play while adults have their snacks. McDonalds also have home delivery at some places.

• As far as size of burger is concerned, Burger King wins with the size of its burger being almost 20% bigger than that of McDonalds.

• McDonalds is cheaper than Burger King, but this is to be expected with a size difference.

• Most of the customers who fluctuate between Burger King and McDonalds feel that the quality of meat is slightly better at Burger King.

• There is a difference in taste also owing to Burger King flame broiling their meats. This gives a distinct flavor to foods in BK while at McDonalds fry meats on a grill and then throw them on a holding pan from where they are served, sometimes remaining there for more than a few minutes thus becoming dry and flavorless.

• Another difference that I feel is a genuine one is that McDonalds cater more to kids’ tastes than adults as they believe it is kids who ask parents to come to McDonalds. On the other hand, the flavor and taste at burger king suggests it is primarily to cater to adults taste buds.