Difference Between Methods and Techniques

Methods vs Techniques

Method and technique are two English words that have nearly same meaning and also used almost interchangeably. You do not notice any difference if the user mentions baking method or baking technique of a recipe or when you read about management methods and management techniques. It seems that we have accepted the two words as interchangeable and use them according to our own personal choice or whim. But there are differences in usage of these two terms that will be clear after reading this article.

There are a few of us who feel that the word technique is a loaded one and must be used for gadgets and appliances that work on scientific principles though to an extent this is correct as the word technique is etymologically liked with the word technical and technology, the word has come to acquire many meanings and is being used in even every day situations.

If we go by dictionary meanings, technique means a systematic procedure, formula, or a routine by which a task is accomplished. On the other hand, method is defined as a habitual, logical, or prescribed practice or systematic process of achieving certain end results with accuracy and efficiency, usually in a preordained sequence of steps. However, when the method is systematic and based upon logic, it is sometimes referred to as a scientific method which comes even closer to technique.

It is thus clear that the words methods and techniques, are very close in meaning but it is better to use technique when we are talking about scientific gadgets and appliances and methods when we are using about abstract and everyday life situations.

  • Thibault Van Steenkiste

    Thx for the article. It helped me out!

    In the second paragraph you say: “etymologically liked”
    I guess you mean: “etymologically linked”?