Difference Between Mexican and Spanish

Mexican vs Spanish

At first glance, differences between Mexican and Spanish are all too glaring; the two are separate countries out of whom Mexico lies in South America while Spain lies in Europe. In US, Latino is the word used to refer to all individuals and groups with Latin American roots. There is a term Hispanic used in the country to refer to people belonging to Latin American countries and speaking Spanish language. Though there are many similarities between Mexican and Spanish people, there are differences also that will be discussed in this article.

Both Spanish and Mexican people speak Spanish language, which is what makes the situation confusing for the people in US. However, there are differences in Spanish as it is spoken in Spain, and the way it is spoken in Mexico. Spanish people are of European descent, and you would find European whites in Spain, whereas if one looks at Mexican people, they appear to belong to different ethnic groups such as Aztec and Mayan, though there are also European and people of Spanish descent in Mexico. In general, there are more dark skinned people than whites in Mexico. It is clear then that Mexicans are both Latinos and Hispanic as they belong to a South American country and speak Spanish. However, they are not Spanish, and only people from Spain qualify to be labelled as Spanish.

It is true that Mexicans share Spanish language with natives of Spain, but there are far too many regional variations that make linguists say that Mexican Spanish qualifies to be a separate language. One finds a lot of Spanish influence on culture in Mexico such as bull fights, foods like Spanish rice, and yes, Catholic Religion. Yet it is easy to see the differences between Mexican and Spanish people. Mexico is an erstwhile Spanish colony, which is why there are so many things in common between Spanish and Mexican people.



What is the difference between Mexican and Spanish?

• Hispanic is a term used for people living in the US speaking Spanish language. In this respect, both Spanish as well as Mexicans are Hispanics.

• Mexicans are people living in North America whereas Spaniards are people living in Europe

• Spanish people are mostly European whites, while native Mexicans are dark skinned people.

• There are differences in the way Spanish language is spoken in Mexico, just like English is spoken in US.

• There are differences in Mexican and Spanish cultures though the people speak the same Spanish language.

• Mexico is an erstwhile Spanish colony.


  • http://twitter.com/Westbeauty777 Rachel

    Mexican is not language !!! people in Mexico speak Castillian. The difference between Spaniards and Mexicans, is that Spaniards are purely white Europeans, and Mexicans are mestizos,which means they are a mixture between the White and Aztec race, (Not purely white, nor native) Mexicans are proud of both their European, and Native roots.

    • Ulises Jose Mizrahi Moreno

      “Spaniards are purely white Europeans” Lol after 8 centuries under arab rule do you really believe that?? Spaniards are mongrels as latino as well!

      • Fabiano Marques

        The arabs were in GRANADA for 800 years, in Galicia (Northwestern Spain) they were present for less than a hundred years and in Asturias they were never present. As Castile, Aragon and Portugal reconquered the lost lands, the majority of the muslim population abandoned said lands and fled to granada or to north africa ( in Castile because the Castillians were less tolerable of minorities, the fleeing was much greater). After the majority of those muslims fled, christians from the north resettled in those newly conquered areas to repopulate said areas. The few muslims who remained after 1492 were forced to leave or convert in 1502, and in 1609 the very few of muslims still remaining were kicked out of Spain all together.

  • Brian

    Is this person a moron? Mexico is a country in North American, NOT South America…

  • Rigoberto Hernandez

    The mexicas had class.they where clean people.they were nice.they didnt rape steal or hit there children or wifes.when the spainards came they murdered mexicas.spainards raped mexica women.raping and lieing and hitting there own kids came from spain europe.the spainards are monsters devils demonds thieves.spainards killed baby mexicas.mexico was origanlly called aztlan.spainards came up with the name aztecs.the correct way to say aztec is mexica.when the spainards came they disrespected and changed the countrys name from aztlan to mexico.

  • Martha Gonzalez

    Mexicans = 69% Mestizos(Mostly European Spanish +Indigenous people from any of hundreds of tribes). 9% of these Mestizos come out looking part white or white, so they are classified as white Mexicans. 30% are said to be pure native from different tribes, not just the typical Aztec Maya stereotype! So since the 9% are counted separate the mestizo come down to 60%. 1% are other with some having native blood too. Many light skin natives fall into the mestizo category too even though they’re not, so these percentages should be a little different. So 99%+ have Native blood in them. Spanish are European people=white people.

  • Ricardo Wright

    ”but there are far too many regional variations that make linguists say that Mexican Spanish qualifies to be a separate language” thats like saying that American English and British English are separate languages, the word you are looking for is DIALECT.

  • Ulises Jose Mizrahi Moreno

    Lol, Mexico in south america hahahaha!