Difference Between Micro SD Card and Micro SD HC (SDHC) Card

Micro SD Card vs Micro SD HC (SDHC) Card

Micro SD cards and Micro SD HC (HDSC) cards are removable memory devices. Micro SD cards are a way of increasing the memory of electronic devices such as mobiles, computers, camcorders etc. Micro stands for small and SD means Secure Digital. For computers these come in the shape of USB devices such as pen drives. This is also called flash memory drive and is extensively used in even gaming devices all over the world. Micro SD is the smallest flash memory which is so small that it is the size of a thumbnail. In comparison to standard SD cards, these micro SD cards are only one eighth in size, and today, even devices that are meant to used standard SD cards are fitted with adaptors to use these small memory cards. However, it is not possible to use these micro SD cards in all devices which is why manufacturers are today supplying these cards with adaptors to make it easy for the user to fit these cards in their devices.

Micro SD format is developed by a company called San Disk. While Micro SD cards provide an external memory of 1-2 GB, new cards have been developed with capacity to hold more data. These are called Micro SD HC cards and can amazingly hold 4-32 GB of data. Micro SD HC cards provide removable memory for many digital devices such as cameras, camcorders, MP3 players etc.

Difference between Micro SD Card and Micro SD HC Card

Talking of differences between Micro SD cards and Micro SD HC cards, the biggest is in their ability to hold data. Whereas Micro SD cards are removable memories up to 2 GB only, Micro SD HC cards have a larger capacity and this memory ranges from 4-32 GB.

Micro SD cards are typically cheaper than Micro SD HC cards. The price difference can be as huge as 100%.

Data Transfer Speed, known as DTS is much higher in case of Micro SD HC cards. Whereas DTS in case of Micro SD cards is 6MB per second, in case of Micro SD HC cards is as high as 20 MB per second.

One drawback with high capacity Micro SD cards is that they are not compatible with old devices. You can use micro SD HC cards only with devices that are 2.0 compatible.

With increasing popularity of Micro SD HC cards, gradually they are taking over and are readily available everywhere whereas Micro SD cards are slowly fading away and are less readily available. With their myriad benefits, Micro SD HC cards have become a preferred choice among the people as they obliterate the need to go for smaller micro SD cards every now and then.


• Micro SD cards and Micro SD HC cards are removable memory devices.

• While micro SD cards have a very small capacity of 1-2 GB, Micro SD HC cards have a large memory (4-32GB).

• Data transfer speeds are higher in micro SD HC cards.

• Micro SD HC cards are more expensive but prove invaluable to people.

• Micro SD HC cards are not compatible with older devices.