Difference Between Mohawk and Fauxhawk

Mohawk vs Fauxhawk (Fohawk)

To those who are not aware of the Mohawk hairstyle, these words might seem alien or rather names of warriors or siblings in a fantasy or war video game. However, Mohawk and Fauxhawk are hairstyles that look similar to each other. Despite similarities, there are differences between Mohawk and Fauxhawk that will be highlighted in this article.


Mohawk is a daring hairstyle that requires one to shave the sides of his head while leaving long hair in between, in a long strip. This long hair is braided or created in a punk style that is called Mohawk. This is a hairstyle that was adopted by the warrior native tribe of the country that was known by the same name. In old times though, people plucked out hair from the scalp rather than shaving the sides of the head. This hairstyle was used by soldiers during WWII and even by the American paratroopers during the Vietnam war. Some members of pop groups are seen sporting this hairstyle even today and mostly it is considered an expression of rebellion.

Fauxhawk or Fohawk

For the last few years, this hairstyle has been creating waves among young males around the country. This hairstyle looks down a toned down version of the more daring Mohawk as it does not require the person to shave the sides of his head. The hair on the sides is cut short and even glued to make it inconspicuous so that the onlooker is kept staring at the long hair in between the middle of the head. A little gel or wax is all one needs to create this hairstyle at home. Fauxhawk is also sometimes referred to as simply Fohawk.

Mohawk vs Fauxhawk (Fohawk)

• Head is shaved on the sides in Mohawk, whereas shaving is not required in Fauxhawk.

• Fauxhawk is a watered down version of Mohawk, which is more daring of the two hairstyles.

• For those not ready to go the full hog to don Mohawk, Fauxhawk is the style to adopt these days.

• Fauxhawk that resembles Mohawk hairstyle is a very popular hairstyle among males these days.