Difference Between MSc and MEng

MSc vs MEng

M.Sc and MEng are both post-graduate courses with some difference. M.Sc is Master of Science whereas MEng is Master of Engineering. They differ in terms of general pre-requisites, duration, outcome and job opportunities.

Both M.Sc and M.Eng differ as far as their general pre-requisites are concerned. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in Science in any of the disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, Geology or Plant Biology for that matter. You can apply for M.Sc in any discipline provided you have a bachelor degree in the respective discipline or at least have studied the subject as an ancillary or as an allied in your undergraduate course. M.Eng on the other hand would accept students with B.Eng degree or any other bachelor degree in one of the disciplines of Science such as Physics, Geology or Chemistry with a good first degree from a recognized tertiary institution. Selection is based on academic merit and he or she should also pass the entrance examination conducted by the university or the college that conducts M.Eng degrees.

There is not much of a difference between the two courses in terms of the duration of the course. Both the courses are generally of two years in duration. And the postgraduate programme can be either research based or coursework based. Selection to a research based Master’s degree is based on individual assessment of the candidate’s ability to produce a coherent research proposal, inaddition to the before said criteria.

The two courses M.Sc and M.Eng also differ when it comes to the outcome of the courses. Students that have passed M.Sc would find themselves well equipped with knowledge pertaining to any selected branch of Science. They almost become specialists in the respective subjects. Students that have passed M.Eng on the other hand would be endowed with sufficient knowledge about the applications of a certain branch of Science. Engineering is all about application of a particular branch of Science.

Job opportunities differ too in the case of students that have completed M.Sc and M.Eng courses. Candidates that have completed M.Sc courses would be employed as consultants, scientists, researcher assistants and educators whereas candidates that have completed M.Eng courses would be appointed as engineers, consultants, builders, architects and scientists. They are also appointed as educators in universities and colleges.