Difference Between Pie and Cobbler

Pie vs Cobbler

All of us are fond of desserts, of which pie is an important variety. It is made with pastry dough that is full of sweet ingredients and is normally baked. There is another sweet dish called cobbler that confuses many as it is almost similar to pies. This is because it is also made with fruit ingredients after baking with a topping that is sprinkled before the dessert is baked. There are many who say that cobbler is just a variation of basic pie, while there are others who feel that cobbler is an altogether different type of fruit desert. Let us take a closer look at a pie and a cobbler.

To begin with, and this is a major point of differentiation, a cobbler never has a bottom crust whereas a pie invariably has a bottom crust. Cobbler is a generic name for deserts made of fruits in such a manner that fruit pieces are poured into a baking dish that is then covered with a batter or pastry dough before it is baked. In case of a pie, there are usually two crusts and fruit ingredients are placed in between. The top layer is usually a pastry, while the base is also sugary in taste and crumbles in mouth.

The evolution of sweet dishes or desserts such as pie, cobbler, crisps, crumble, buckle, grunts, sonker, pandowdy, slumps, tart etc have to do with the need that was felt for long standing foods, especially at sea. If we look at the history of pies, we find that they arrived on the scene as early as 10000 BC that is regarded as Neolithic Age. Really, pies are Roman idea of sealing meat inside flour and oil paste and then cooking it to prolong the life of the dish. Though pies can have any food material, and we have meat and chicken pies, we are concerned here with fruit pies that are also more popular. Most fruit pies are very similar to each other with only fruit changing in the filling of the pie.

What is the difference between Pie and Cobbler?

· Both pies and cobblers are desserts made of fruit ingredients, but there is no bottom crust in a cobbler, whereas a pie has a lower crust also that is sugary crumble.

· It is better to call a cobbler a variant of a pie.

· Pies are more formal in nature and also smaller than cobblers.