Difference Between Pride and Confidence

Pride vs Confidence

Though the terms Pride and Confidence appear to be similar in meaning, there exists many differences between the two terms. Even in our daily life, the line between pride and confidence can seem rather blurred in certain situations. Let us define the two terms in the following manner. Pride refers to the satisfaction that an individual gains of his abilities and achievements. Confidence, on the other hand, refers to the trust that someone has about something. A significant difference between the two stem from the quality of humility. A person, who is proud or full of pride, is not humble. However, a person, who is confident, is humble. He takes the advices of others into consideration. This article attempts to highlight the differences between pride and confidence while explaining the two terms.

What does Pride mean?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, pride can be defined as the pleasure or satisfaction gained from achievements, qualities, or possessions. Pride makes a person feel proud. This highlights that a person can be proud of so many aspects of his life such as his abilities, appearance, wealth, power, etc. When a person begins to be proud of his abilities, this creates an image of the person as supreme in comparison to others. Such an individual is usually engrossed in himself and pays less attention to others. Also, the individual begins to reject any advices from others, thinking that he is better than them. Even the slightest form of criticism is sufficient to create antagonistic feelings in the person towards those who direct constructive criticism. A proud person rarely acknowledges his flaws and often tends to blame others. This highlights that unlike a confident person, a proud person is not humble. He is full of himself that he begins to be blinded to his flaws. This kind of pride is very unhealthy especially for personal growth.

Difference Between Pride and Confidence

Pride makes one feel proud. A proud woman

What does Confidence mean?

Confidence is trust or else self-assurance. It denotes the reliance that an individual possesses on something or someone. When a person is confident of his abilities and skills, there is a high potential for the individual to achieve his goals. Confidence gives an added assurance to the person to perform well. Confidence plays a vital role in the development and growth of an individual. It allows the individual to have trust and faith in himself. Unlike a proud person, a confident person has a good understanding of his identity. He is aware of his strengths and weaknesses. This allows him to be open to criticism and advices from others and better himself. A confident person does not blame others for his faults and is prepared to take responsibility. Within a confident person, the quality of humility can be observed, unlike in the case of a proud person.

Pride vs Confidence

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What is the difference between Pride and Confidence?

• Pride refers to the satisfaction that an individual gains of his abilities and achievements and that makes him feel proud whereas Confidence refers to the trust that someone has something.

• A proud person is not humble whereas a confident person is.

• A proud person believes that he is capable of anything, but a confident person is aware of his flaws.

• A proud person rejects criticism and advices whereas a confident person uses them for his growth.


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