Difference Between Samsung 4K SUHD and UHD TV

Key Difference – Samsung 4K SUHD vs UHD TV

The key difference between  Samsung 4K SUHD and UHD TV is that the Samsung 4K SUHD uses Quantum Dot Technology while  Samsung 4K UHD uses LCD/LED Technology. The Samsung 4K SUHD and UHD TVs have become the main competitors alongside OLED TVs in today’s world. Samsung 4K SUHD and UHD have unique features that are essential in today’s TV market, as leading brands are introducing new technology to satisfy the needs of the customers. Let us take a closer look at both the above models to see how well they would fare in today competitive world.

Samsung 4K SUHD Review

Samsung has been known to manufacture top quality 4K SUHD TVs from the day these types of TV’s came into existence. Better than ever before, now Samsung’s 4K SUHD TV support Ultra-High Definition.

In the recent past, the television market was all about who could make the largest display at a reasonable price. However, now the tables have turned; TV manufacturers are now fighting for nanometers. Quantum dot technology is one of the buzz words in today’s entertainment world, and this is where SUHD comes in. Quantum Dot technology makes display panel more rich in color, vivid, and bright at the same time and produces more accurate colors than the standard LCD or LED display. The only downside is the contrast may not be good as on an OLED.

The 4K SUHD JS8500 series TV does not consist of a full array LED, but more expensive JS9500 series TV does have. These edge-lit LEDs provide great picture quality and brightness. The screen is finely layered with different shaped molecular particles that produce realistic, brilliant, saturated and vibrant imagery. The use of Quantum dot technology enables the SUHDs to compete with more advanced models like the OLED.

The nanocrystal semiconductors (2-10nm) are the central piece of the puzzle when it comes to the Quantum Dot technology. These are the elements that emit the accurate wavelength to reproduce more accurate color on the display. These nanocrystals have been around for a long time, but it is only now that this technology is making its way into the home. These types of displays increase the color accuracy by up to 30% as well as color gradation increases 64 fold in each pixel at the same time.

Another notable feature of this display is that the color adjustment is two times faster in the SUHD screen compared with a UHD display. In other words, the shades of many colors can be reproduced accurately with the use of this technology. Another great feature available with 4K SUHD TVs is the open source OS developed by Tizen. This can pair with 5 Samsung devices using a low power Bluetooth feature available with the TV. Additional features include playing an alarm set on a phone on the TV. There is also a personal assistant which helps with latest episodes available.

These models come with an upscaling engine that turns any SD or Full HD content to look even more stunning. This feature is only second to Sony in the market.

Difference between Samsung 4K SUHD and UHD TV

Samsung 4K UHD TV Review

The 4K Ultra High-definition (UHD) TV has become a viable commodity in the recent past. Usually, the UHD TV’s comprise of 4 times the pixel resolution of a conventional HD TV. There are many screen sizes to choose, and the prices are becoming more affordable. The best feature is that 4K content is available for UHD TV, which gives these TVs’ a better resolution than an HDTV. There are many 4K TV’s that are competing for market space. The new Ultra HD Blu-ray technology is just around the corner which gives 4K UHD TVs an advantage over the other models.

Technology giants like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony are in the process of capturing a greater market share in TV technology. These types of TVs with 4K are amongst the top brands competing in the market. If we are to take a closer look at the 4K UHD TV, it is actually an LCD TV that can produce a higher resolution than the traditional LCD. UHD TVs have a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixel resolution or 82944000 pixels. This can be also referred as 4K progressive or 4 times HD resolution. The displays of 4K UHD produces accurate colors but, as in many LCDs and LEDs, the richness is not comparatively high as the SUHD TVs. The SUHD is better in providing rich information, a realistic and deep display than the 4K UHD.

One of the main features of the 4K UHD TV is its ability to upscale an HD video up to four times its resolution. The HD signals received by the TV are unscaled using in panel resolution technology. This higher resolution produces sharper images and gives a more three-dimensional experience than a flatter two-dimensional experience. With the improvement in the resolution, the sharpness of the image and clarity have also been increased. With all these improvements, the picture quality also improves to provide stunning images.

Another feature of 4K UHD TVs is the brightness and the peak white light output. Both the brightness and the peak white light output have been enhanced with the evolution of LED technology. These TVs are also considered to last long than OLED TVs.

Samsung 4K SUHD vs UHD TV Key Difference

What is the difference between Samsung 4K SUHD and UHD TV?

Technology of Samsung 4K SUHD and UHD TV

Samsung 4K SUHD: Samsung 4K SUHD TV uses Quantum Dot Technology

Samsung 4K UHD: Samsung 4K UHD TV uses LCD/LED Technology

Features of Samsung 4K SUHD and UHD TV

Color Enhancement

Samsung 4K SUHD:  Samsung 4K SUHD uses Advanced Nano Crystal Technology with 10 bit panel

Samsung 4K UHD: Samsung 4K UHD uses LCD/LED Technology

Due to the above features, the SUHD display is able to produce more accurate and colors from a greater spectrum.


Samsung 4K SUHD: Samsung 4K SUHD uses Peak Illuminator Technology

Samsung 4K UHD: Samsung 4K UHD uses LCD/LED Technology

The peak illuminator technology present on the SHUDs increases the brightness up to 2.5 times than on a conventional UHD TV


Samsung 4K SUHD: Samsung 4K SUHD contains Precision Black Pro, High dynamic range Technology

Samsung 4K UHD: Samsung 4K UHD contains LCD/LED Technology

The technology used in SUHD TV increases the contrast by 2 times of a conventional 4K UHD TV

In most aspects, the Samsung 4K SUHD TV has an edge over the 4K UHD TV because new technology has been built-in to enhance the quality of images further. These enhancements give SUHD a competitive edge to even challenge OLED TVs, which are their main competitors. When we compare the Samsung 4K SUHD and the UHD TVs, other than a few tweaks they both are fairly competitive as well.

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