Difference Between Tequila and Vodka

Tequila vs Vodka

There are countless types of alcoholic beverages such as gin, vodka, whiskey, beer, tequila, brandy, and so on. An alcoholic beverage could start from something as innocent as a fruit juice. Some yeast is added to the juice to eat the sugar and then excrete it as alcohol. (Is alcohol the poo of the yeast?) For someone who is a teetotaler, it is hard to tell the difference between tequila and vodka until he has tasted them. Even for someone who is a drinker, it is sometimes a sort of puzzle to differentiate between tequila and vodka. This article attempts to highlight the differences between tequila and vodka right from their origins, tastes, and ingredients to the processes used to make these liquors.


There is a plant grown in Mexico called agave that is the basis of this very popular drink called Tequila. Distillation of the fermented juice obtained from blue agave plant grown in Jalisco region of Mexico is labeled as tequila. Blue agave looks like aloe vera plant and is very juicy. Tequila has a country cousin made from the same agave plant known as Mezcal. It is rather rusty and has a strong flavor while tequila is more refined and exported to all over the world. There are five different types of tequilas known as white or silver, young or old, rested, aged, and extra aged tequila. We can have clear or silver tequila, golden tequila, aged or rested tequila, and extra aged tequila.


Vodka is a spirit from Russia that is obtained from ethyl alcohol and is clear like water. It is also called little water because of its appearance. It is an alcoholic beverage obtained by fermentation of potatoes, grains, or even fruits. Vodka contains 40% alcohol though it can be 37-55% of alcohol by volume. Vodka comes from the Slavic word voda, which literally means water. Distillation a number of times leads very pure vodka having high proof, which is lowered by the addition of water that also imparts distinct flavor to vodka.


What is the difference between Tequila and Vodka?

• Both tequila as well as vodka is alcoholic beverages though tequila comes from a district in Mexico while Vodka is of Russian origin

• Vodka is clear like water and is indeed called little water. On the other hand, tequila is of 5 different types

• Vodka is obtained by fermentation of potatoes, grain, or fruit while tequila is obtained by fermentation of blue agave plant grown in Jalisco district of the country.

• Vodka is older of the two dating back to 15th century while tequila was first manufactured in the 18th century