Difference Between Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse

Thoroughbred vs Quarter Horse

Despite the popularity of Thoroughbred and Quarter horses, the particular characteristics are important to consider. As their characteristics become familiar, the distinction between them would be obvious for anyone. This article deals with the characteristics of Thoroughbred and Quarter horses first, and emphasizes the differences between them.


Thoroughbred is a horse breed originated in England and. This is one of the well-known breed used in racing. The term thoroughbred has the meaning of any purebred horse breed as well. Thoroughbreds are one of the hot-blooded breeds, as they are agile, speedy, and have a great spirit with them. They have a tall and slim body that makes them to be athletic horses. In fact, they are being used in racing as well as in many other equestrian sports. As they are racehorses, Thoroughbreds frequently face with accidents. Certain health problems such as bleeding from lungs and low fertility are also common among them. They have a well-chiselled, long, and pointed head. Usually, a good quality thoroughbred has a long neck, high withers, a short back, lean body, and deep chests and hindquarters as well. Their height at the withers is ranging from 157 to 173 centimeters. They are generally brown to dark in colour, but many other coloration are available for Thoroughbreds. According to many jockey clubs, Thoroughbreds can live around 35 years.

Quarter Horse

Generally, the Quarter horse is known as the American quarter horse, as it was originated in the United States. It is the most popular breed in the US, with more than four million registered horses. They are used in both racing and in horseshows, as they are gifted talents for both. They have a strong and muscular body, a powerful chest, and rounded hindquarters. The short, small, and refined head with the straight profile is unique for them. There are three body types described in American quarter known as Stock type, Halter type, and Hunter or Racing type. The Stock type is smaller and more compact, while the Racing type is taller comparatively. The halter type is a more muscular type with a characteristic head and muzzle shapes. However, the average height at the withers ranges from 140 to 160 centimetres. They are available in many different colours, but spotted colour patterns are not considered as purebred without registered parents for them. Quarter horses are prone to some of the fatal genetic diseases including the Lethal white syndrome, but healthy ones could live more than 30 years.

What is the difference between Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse?

· Thoroughbred originated in England, while Quarter horse originated in the United States.

· Thoroughbreds were mainly bred for racing purposes, whereas Quarter horses are mainly used in races, shows, and working purposes as well.

· Thoroughbreds are larger and heavier compared to Quarter horses.

· The physique of these two horse breeds is different from each other; Thoroughbreds are tall and slim generally, whereas Quarter horses are short and muscular.

· The well-chiselled head is long and pointed in Thoroughbreds, while it is a small, short, and refined head with a straight profile in Quarter horses.

· There are three main body types of Quarter horses, but there is only one body type in Thoroughbreds.

· Thoroughbreds face frequent accidents and some clinical conditions, whereas Quarter horses could have some genetically inherited fatal diseases.