Difference Between Weave and Extensions

Weave vs Extensions

Women have always been desirous of long and thick hair on their heads as they allow them to look and feel beautiful. Hair weaving and hair extensions are two of the most popular ways of getting over the problems of thin or brittle hair and to boost one’s confidence in modern times. Though women used to clamp long hair extensions on their heads to make their hair long earlier too, hair extensions and weaving today make artificial hair from other sources look almost real and as one’s own hair. Though both words are used for adding length to one’s hair, there are differences between weave and extensions that will be talked about in this article.


Weave, when the word is used especially for hair weaving, refers to a process that weaves hair taken from other sources on to the real hair of a person to either conceal baldness or to add length and bounce to the original hairs of the person. If the person is bald, these artificial hairs may be used to cover his or her entire head. Hair weave is also great for women experiencing thinning of their hair. With the help of hair weave, a woman can also change the color of her hair without applying hair color to her hair.

The thing to remember with hair weave is that it makes use of artificial or natural hair from other sources to be glued or sewn over the hair of the individual. One can add color, length, and volume to one’s own hair with the help of weaves.

Hair Extensions

As the name implies, hair extension is the art of adding length to the hair of a person. There are many different ways of adding length to your hair and these techniques can change the look of the individual drastically. Human hair or synthetic hair can be applied on to the hair of the individual using clips (clip in or clip on), bonding, sealing, fusion, netting, tracking, weaving, etc.

What is the difference between Weave and Extensions?

• Weave is a method of applying hair extensions.

• There are many ways of integrating natural and synthetic hairs to a woman’s own hairs. These applied hairs are called hair extensions.

• In a weave, hair is sewn over the hair of the individual in such a manner that the added hair looks natural.

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