Difference Between Colonialism and Imperialism

Colonialism vs Imperialism

Colonialism and Imperialism are two terms that primarily indicate the economic domination of a particular country. Although, they both hint at political domination too, they are to be looked upon as two different words that convey different senses.

Suppression is the basic idea in colonialism. A country tries to conquer and rule over other regions in the case of colonialism. Imperialism is different in the sense that an empire is created first, and it begins to spread its wings to other regions, and aiming to expand its dominance to neighboring states and regions. This is a major difference between colonialism and imperialism.

People tend to move in large numbers in the case of colonialism. They also tend to form groups and become settlers. On the other hand, in imperialism, people try to keep away moving to the country and forming groups or deciding to become permanent settlers. This is another important difference between the two terms.

On the other hand, imperialism is all about exercising total control over the other land or the country or the neighboring land by conquering it totally. It is all about exhibiting sovereignty and nothing else. The country that is keen on capturing power and exercising control by means of sovereignty is not at all bothered whether the people are interested in moving to the country or not. They are simply mindful of dominating the land totally. This is the crux of imperialism.

It is indeed true that imperialism has a longer past than that of colonialism. In fact, colonialism is supposed to have its origin in Europe when the Europeans have decided to form colonies in search of better trade relationships. Imperialism has been in vogue from the time of the Romans, whereas colonialism has been in vogue only from the 15th century onwards.