Difference Between iPhone and Blackberry

iPhone vs Blackberry

Can you compare a Ferrari with a Mercedes Benz? After all, they are both names to reckon with when it comes to most loved automobiles around the world, aren’t they? Though technical specifications can be easily compared on any given day, it is the love and loyalty in the minds of the consumers that produces biased results. The same holds true for a comparison between a Blackberry and an iPhone. There are those who just love their Blackberry and wouldn’t even dream of switching over to any other smartphone, even if it happens to be the world’s leader. The same can be said about iPhone users. However, it is possible to make an impartial assessment of their features and come up with a verdict that may or may not be palatable to their fans. Let us make a quick comparison of two breeds of smartphones that have been most popular in our times.

Image in this world is stronger than performance, and once a mobile becomes popular as being superior to others in a particular feature, it becomes both a pro as well a con for the company producing the mobile. The same can be said about Research in Motion, the company that has been making Blackberry series of phones for the last decade or so. Blackberry phone is perceived as being the most efficient business phone in the world and the image has stuck in a manner that it is difficult for even the company to get rid of the label. Why would it, when Blackberry phones are selling like hot cake in all parts of the world because of this advantage that it enjoys over other mobile phones.

On the other end, we have the case of iPhones that have become status symbol for those who use them. They are stylish, versatile, and indeed impressive smartphones. They have been ruling the roost in the high end segment of smartphones ever since first iPhone was launched by Apple way back in 2007. Since then, and four upgrades later, iPhones are still the most loved smartphones among the people in all parts of the world. It is not that one does not get same or even better specs in mobiles made by other companies. But it is the perceived image of iPhones being the best that works behind the love and loyalty of the customers.

There is so much that an iPhone offers to its customers, yet it is clear that it lacks many vital features that are needed for it to replace a Blackberry from being the most loved phone for executives around the world. If you ask a kid or a housewife, iPhone would be thumbs down winner, but pose the same question to an executive and blackberry would be the obvious choice.

Let us see how emailing is easier and more efficient on Blackberry than on iPhone. A Blackberry has push email which is absent in iPhones. When someone sends an email to a blackberry owner, it gets downloaded immediately and an LED turns on to inform the owner about the incoming message. On the other hand, an iPhone searches for downloaded messages after a gap of 15 minutes and even then this search has to be conducted manually to see if anything has arrived. This delay of 15 minutes is considered crucial in corporate world. Handling of emails is considered less efficient and slow in iPhone than a Blackberry and this is the reason why Blackberry is a preferred choice of millions of executives around the world. The other attraction in Blackberry phones is the Blackberry Messenger (BBM), which supports group messaging, and the user can share media with the group with a push of a button.

Changing information on desktop integrated with a Blackberry automatically changes information in Blackberry which implies that one is always in touch with updated data and never acts on outdated data or information. On the other hand, one cannot hope to make changes in data in an iPhone wirelessly. Another thing in favor of Blackberry is GPS which makes Google Maps much more useful than in iPhones.

However, if we look at other features, iPhone appears to be more cool and attractive. For example, in design and form factor, iPhone is ahead of all other contemporary phones, leave alone Blackberry. To everyone, iPhone is more stylish than a Blackberry, including die hard fans of Blackberry. As far as multimedia is concerned, iPhone is miles ahead of Blackberry as it has been developed for entertainment. It is just the camera of some Blackberries that is superior to iPhone, in all other features iPhone wins hands down. iPhone does not have a full QWERTY physical keyboard that makes typing a little bit difficult but its touch screen is very efficient as vouched by its users.

When it comes to being user friendly, iPhone wins against Blackberry as it is so simple that even kids operate it with ease and confidence. On the other hand, there are short cut keys in blackberry that make its operation easy when you learn them.

In Brief:

iPhone vs Blackberry

• Blackberry is ahead of iPhone in terms of emailing and messaging capabilities

• iPhone is ahead of Blackberry in terms of entertainment

• Some Blackberry phones have better cameras than iPhone

• iPhone is more user friendly, and even kids use it with ease and confidence

• Blackberry is more popular among business executives, while iPhone is popular among all categories of consumers and is considered a status symbol

  • LyndaUlrich

    Thank you for this! I’m still trying to figure out which way to go, and this helps quite a bit. I was curious about signing on with the iPhone 5 when it hits because I heard it might be compatible with AT&T’s 4gLTE. As a real estate agent I need speed, but I also need the e-mail capability. Blackberry might be the way to go for me.