Difference Between Lobster and Crayfish

Lobster vs Crayfish

Seafood lovers all over the world cannot resist themselves when it comes to lobsters and crayfish, both of whom just taste divine. Despite such popularity in all parts of the world, especially landlocked countries where they are considered delicacies, many remain confused between the two sea creatures, and because of their almost similar physical features, a vast majority of sea food eaters cannot tell the difference between a lobster and a crayfish. This article attempts to elucidate differences between lobster and crayfish.

Both lobsters and crayfish have a hard outer shell and a body divided into parts. Both have 4 pairs of legs, pincers, claws, antennae, and a long tail. Even the eye structure is same being compound. Anyone not having seen a crayfish before is likely to call it a lobster. However, there are a few differences that will enable even a novice to quickly tell if a crayfish or a lobster is being served to him.

The first difference lies in size. Crayfish, even when adult, do not grow to more than 6 inches, and one finds them in sizes 2-6 inches. On the other hand, lobsters are normally 8 inches long, and there are lobsters who grow more than 8 inches if not caught. So if the recipe given to you contains a creature 2-3 inch long, you can straight away conclude it is a crayfish and not a lobster, though it may be possible you got a small lobster that was not adult when caught.

Another difference that you have no chance of knowing when you are in a restaurant is the location where the 2 creatures are normally found in sea. While lobsters are found in oceans, it is common to catch crayfish in even lakes and streams. These crayfish live at the bottom of freshwater lakes and streams, under rocks and muddy waters, and feed on insects, worms, mollusks and organic matter at night. They use their claws to catch the prey and crush it down into small pieces before consuming it. One interesting difference that not many people know about lobsters is that they swim front ways while crayfish swim sideways.

What is the difference between Lobster and Crayfish?

• Both lobsters and crayfish are crustaceous creatures having hard outer shell. They have similar body structure, same pair of legs antennae, pincers etc.

• Crayfish in general is smaller in size (2-6 inches) to lobsters (8 inches).

• Crayfish is found in lakes, streams and rivers, whereas lobsters are found in oceans.