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Difference Between Muslim and Arabs

Muslim vs Arabs

Arab is a race and Muslim is a follower of the religion of Islam

The two words Muslim and Arabs are often understood to be interchangeable, but they are not so. They have some important differences between them. Arabs are not always Muslims and Muslims are not always Arabs.

The most important difference between them is that a Muslim is a person or an individual that embraced the religion of Islam. An Arab is a person or an individual that occupies the Arabian region for dwelling purposes.

The word Muslim is religion based, whereas the word Arab is region based or ethnicity based. It is very important to note that different languages are used by Muslims because of the fact that they reside in different parts of the world. Arabs should necessarily used the Arabic language.

Muslims hail from many parts of the world, whereas Arabs are necessarily from the Middle East regions. Since the Muslims come from different parts of the world they are in large numbers in terms of population. Compared to the number of Muslims in the world, the Arab population is less. This is again because of the fact that the Arabs hail from only a particular region of the world.

It is interesting to note that an Arab citizen might belong to any of the religions such as Christianity, Islam and Jewish. Thus, you come across Muslim Arabs and Christian Arabs. The same is applicable even to those that practice the religion of Islam. You can come across an American Muslim and an Arab Muslim too for that matter. Finally it can be said that Arab is a race and Muslim is a follower of the religion of Islam.


The difference between Muslim and Arabs can thus be summarized as follows:

  • A Muslim is an individual that embraces the religion of Islam, whereas an Arab is a person that lives in the Arabian region.
  • Muslim is a word that is religion based in usage, whereas Arab is a word that is region based in usage.
  • Muslims use different languages, whereas an Arab used only the Arabian language.
  • Muslims are from different parts of the world, whereas Arabs are basically from the Arab region.


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  • Alberto

    Iran is not an arab country it’s persian :)

  • HasHAMM

    CORRECTION: Iran is not considered an Arab country, but a Persian one since they do not speak Arabic. It is also not a member of the Arab League.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AGPYR7MA43OYQKNZ62XDPNZZZM pedram

    Iran or persia is not a arab country,people in iran speak “persian” not arabic.
    iran located in middle east thats true but it didnt mean that iran will considered as a arab country!!!

  • Daniel

    would like to point out the fact that one may speak Arabic does not necessarily
    mean that one is an Arab, that the Iranians are not Arab and neither are the Moroccans/Tunisians
    / Chadians/Sudanese/ Egyptians/Syrians/ Lebanese or any other country for that matter other
    than Saudi Arabia and those genetically connected to that people. Many states
    may speak Arabic just as many states speak English does not make them English
    (part of England) So yes maybe we all have to go back to our roots, and put
    history back on the right track. Yes Islam is a Monotheist Religion and can be
    found all over the world. But to say that and Arab can follow any faith is basically
    incorrect as all Arabs come from Saudi Arabia and belong to what is called the
    Salafi sect of Islam.

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