Difference Between Neptune and Poseidon

Key Difference – Neptune vs Poseidon

Neptune and Poseidon are the names of gods of the sea that look very similar. In fact, many people consider them to be the same and just two names for a single god of water or the oceans. If you search online, you will find that many websites make use of a slash in between the two names indicating the fact that they represent the same deity of the ocean or sea. However, despite similarities, there are subtle differences between the two deities that will be talked about in this article.

Who is Neptune?

Neptune was known to the ancient Romans as their sea god. Neptune was the brother of Pluto and Jupiter and also called a horse god as is evident from the manner in which he was revered by those involved with horse racing. Neptune is always identified with the Greek god Poseidon.

Difference Between Neptune and Poseidon

Who is Poseidon?

Greek mythology has a god of the seas called Poseidon who happens to be one of the 12 Olympian gods. He is depicted as a child of Cronus and Rhea with Zeus and Hades as his brothers and Hestia, Demeter, and Hera being his sisters. He is the husband of the sea goddess Amphitrite and father of Triton and Rhode. Poseidon used to travel across the oceans on his chariot and he always shown surrounded by dolphins. Poseidon is depicted as a savior of the ships crossing oceans. He is believed to possess many supernatural powers all pertaining to the seas. He is always shown holding a trident that he uses to cause earthquakes and tempests. He has two palaces with one on Mount Olympus and the other being in the depths of the ocean where he lives with his wife Amphitrite. The animals he loved were dolphins and horses, and he is believed to have sent the first horse to earth.

Poseidon became the king of the seas after Zeus overthrew Cronus and the three brothers divided sky, earth, and sea among themselves. Poseidon has been shown to have a bad temper, and he floods places to take revenge on people if they do not follow his orders.

Neptune vs Poseidon

What is the difference between Neptune and Poseidon?

Definitions of Neptune and Poseidon:

Neptune: Neptune is the name of the god of the sea in Roman mythology.

Poseidon: Poseidon is the name of the sea god in Greek mythology.

Characteristics of Neptune and Poseidon:


Neptune: Neptune comes in Roman mythology.

Poseidon: Poseidon comes in Greek mythology.


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