Difference Between Penny Board and Skateboard

Penny Board vs Skateboard

When it comes to skateboarding, the lightness of the board and its make matters almost as much as the amount of skill with which it is manoeuvred. As such, there exist many wonder about the differences between a skateboard and a penny board when it comes to this fascinating sport.

What is a Skateboard?

A skateboard can be defined as the sporting equipment, made of a Maplewood board with a polyurethane coating and wheels that are used in skateboarding. A skateboard is pushed forward by one foot while the other is kept on the board. It can also be used while simply standing upon the board while allowing gravity to propel the rider upon the board on a downward slope. A rider is named as riding ‘regular’ if he or she places their left foot forward. However, i f the rider places their right foot forward, he or she is said to be riding ‘goofy.’ However, if the skateboarder usually rides regular yet opts to ride goofy on a particular occasion or vice versa, he or she is said to be riding switch. Typically, a rider is more comfortable pushing with his back foot while pushing with the front is referred to as ‘mongo.’

The modern skateboard is made up of a number of components. The decks of the modern skateboards are mostly 7 to 10.5 inches wide between 28 and 33 inches in length. The underside of the deck is usually adorned with a design or a pattern or can be blank as per preference. It is comprised of a grip tape that is a fabric with adhesive on one side or a sheet paper that has a surface similar to a very fine sandpaper. This allows the rider’s feet to grip the surface consistently while he or she is performing tricks on the board. Trucks and wheels, as well as bearings and a multitude of optional hardware such as risers/rails and ribs, slip tape, lapper, etc, are also available in certain skateboards.

What is a Penny Board?

A penny board is a type of 70’s skateboard that is made in Australia. It is made out of plastic and is the creation of Ben Mackay whose inspiration and influence in its creation had been his love of skateboarding, a past time he has been engaging in since he was five years old. The idea was to build a skateboard that was durable which takes him back to the fun he had when he was skateboarding when he was small. Hence it is colourful and carries a retro theme.

What is the difference between Skateboard and Penny Board?

While the method of skateboarding may be common to all, the type of skateboard that one uses may seriously affect one’s style of riding. However, skateboards and penny boards are two types of boards that exist in the world of skateboarding today which are commonly used by skateboarders all over the world.

• Skateboards can be of various types and natures. Penny board is a type of skateboard.

• Skateboards are usually made out of Maplewood. Penny boards are made of plastic.

• Penny boards are built to be more durable and last longer than skateboards.

• Since the penny boards are made of plastic, its friction is lot less than normal skateboards.