Difference Between Porridge and Oats

Porridge vs Oats (Oatmeal)

All infants, when they are weaned from mother’s milk are given food first in a semi solid (or semi liquid) form and it is referred to as porridge (generic name). It is nothing but boiled grains mixed in water or milk or both. This recipe is easily digestible and is considered very healthy and wholesome for human beings. In general, porridge is made with oats though it is common in different cultures for porridge to be made with other grains and cereals. However, when the dish is prepared with other types of cereals and grains, it is called by other names and not porridge. Because oats have traditionally been associated with porridge, people become confused when asked differences between porridge and oats or oatmeal. This article will remove all doubts from the minds of the readers by highlighting differences between porridge and oats.

Doctors and nutritionists have proved beyond doubt that taking grains in the form of porridge is perhaps the best way to maintain a good health, and this is why porridge is the recipe given to sick people and those recovering from various health problems. There are millions who take oatmeal or porridge as breakfast daily to maintain good health and to stay away from diseases. But, whether you call it porridge or oatmeal, the recipe remains the same and that is solid grains mixed in boiled water or milk. Yes, there is no difference, if porridge has been made using oats, but porridge certainly cannot be called oatmeal if you have used other grains or cereal and not oats.

It is clear then that porridge can be made with rice, wheat, barley, maize or even corn, when it is boiled and mixed with water or milk. It is served hot after adding sugar to make it palatable. It is natural for porridge to be referred to as oatmeal when it is prepared using oats. Therefore, when you use rice or for that matter corn to water or milk and serve hot, the porridge so prepared should be called ricemeal or cornmeal.

Though porridge can be made using any cereal or grain, it has been seen that porridge containing oats has a great appeal among people as well as nutritionists. It is really surprising that when oat first became known to human beings, they were considered fit for animals, and there is a famous story which goes like this. An English man was talking to a man from Scotland taunting him on eating oatmeal. He said that oat is fed to horses in England, while Scottish men ate it. To this, Scotland man replied that this is precisely why there are such fine English horses, and there are such fine Scottish men.

What is the difference between Porridge and Oats (Oatmeal)?

· Porridge is a semi solid recipe that is prepared with oats that are boiled and mixed with water or milk or both.

· In different cultures, porridge is made using other cereals such as rice, wheat, maize, barley, or even corn. In such instances, it is better to refer to these recipes according to the ingredient and not as porridge which is commonly associated with oats.

· However, oatmeal is a good word to refer to porridge made using oats and similarly porridge made using rice should be called ricemeal and porridge made using corn should be called cornmeal.