Difference Between Subway and Quiznos

Subway vs Quiznos

Subway and Quiznos are the two most popular fast food chains that are in the sandwich business. Over the years they have been highly competitive and both are battling it out in terms of quality, value and health benefits. One may prove superior to the other; it doesn’t change the fact that people have different preferences and their choices lie on different reasons.


It is evident in any Subway commercials that it aims at catering healthy sandwiches to people. This typically entices anyone who wants to stay or become fit, slim and healthy to buy from them every time the need arises. Their products seem to prove effective since a lot of their customers pay loyal visits and it shows in the strong growth of their franchise.


Quiznos has been in the business for 30 years and they credit their business success to their loyal customers who keep coming back for more. While Subway aims to give nutritious food, Quiznos is quite vague on that department; however, part of its goal is to be a pro green business. People who prefer Quiznos over Subway claims that their sandwich is way better when it comes to taste. The satisfaction they get from Quiznos clearly proves that their business is worthy of praise.

Difference between Subway and Quiznos

There has been a lot of comparing between these two sandwich business behemoths. One area to compare is price and value. Subway offers cheaper price on its tasty subs compared to Quiznos which generally have at least a dollar more expensive sandwiches. However, when it comes to taste and the appeal of the subs, for a lot of people the more expensive Quiznos provide better satisfaction especially to those who just want to indulge themselves into some hearty, tasty sandwich. This doesn’t mean that Subway is way behind in the taste department, in fact, there are a lot of consumers who are concerned about staying healthy and fit, Subway sandwiches are not only more affordable but significantly more delicious as well. It is only a matter of personal preference.

So when choosing which sandwich to buy, it’s better to know what you want because entering the confines of Subway or Quiznos and smelling those inviting aromas can leave you hungry and wanting to feast on their food.

In brief:

• Subway and Quiznos are the largest fast food chain companies selling sandwiches and are two leading competitors in the market.

• Subway provides cheaper, healthier sub sandwiches.

• Quinoz provides bigger, fuller, more expensive and to some tastier sub sandwiches.