Difference Between Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse

Difference Between Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse

Key Difference –  Domestic Violence vs Domestic Abuse     Domestic violence and domestic abuse are two terms that are used interchangeably although some discern a key difference between the two words. It must be highlighted that defining domestic violence and abuse differs from one state to another. Hence, while some definitions emphasize the difference that […]

Difference Between Niece and Nephew

Niece vs Nephew   Blood relationships are the relationships formed by marriage and birth of offspring to the couple that gets married. There are many different relationships in addition to brother, sister, mother and father that are important even in times of nuclear families. Terms like cousins, nephews, nieces etc. are as relevant and important […]

Difference Between Step Brother and Half Brother

Step Brother vs Half Brother   In the institution of marriage, offspring is referred to siblings or brothers and sisters. As long as offspring are from same parents, they are called real brothers and sisters. In fact, the word real is used these days only because of dilution of this institution and divorces taking place. […]

Difference Between Husband and Wife

Husband vs Wife   Marriage is perhaps one of the oldest social institutions to help in survival of a family. Husband and wife enter into a relationship, which is in many ways need based, but also it ensures a strong emotional bond between the two that becomes stronger with the arrival of kids in the […]

Difference Between Maternal and Paternal

Maternal vs Paternal Paternal is a word that has many meanings, but there is a common thread of relating to the father that is running through all these meanings. The word is to father what maternal is to mother and pertains to all things or traits that are considered fatherly. We have paternal relatives and […]

Difference Between Civil Union and Marriage

Difference Between Civil Union and Marriage

Civil Union vs Marriage   The difference between civil union and marriage stems from the gender of the people who enter into a legal contract to live together. Marriage is an age old institution that has worked well till now, and allows a couple belonging to opposite sex to live together, have sex, and raise […]

Difference Between Having a Baby and Not Having a Baby

Having a Baby vs Not Having a Baby Falling in love maybe the best feeling ever; people fall in love and decide to spend the rest of their lives together and when they are sound financially or just too much emotionally in love with each other the first thing they want to do is start […]