Difference Between Blunt, Joint and Spliff

Blunt vs Joint vs Spliff

Marijuana is a substance that can be consumed in many different ways. Rolling it on a thin paper is an art, only those who are efficient in rolling know about that. Those fond of cannabis keep stock of rolling papers to be ready when they are desirous of smoking cannabis. Joint is the term that is commonly used for cannabis when it has been rolled up in paper. However, there are terms like blunt and spliff that are also used by marijuana users. Many people remain confused between these terms. This article attempts to clarify the doubts in the minds of the readers regarding these terms.

Joint is the generic term used for rolled up paper containing cannabis. In different parts of the world, different terms are used for this rolled up cigarette. It is referred to as spliff in many European countries, but there is a tendency of the people to insert a business card on one side of this rolled up cigarette to work as a mouthpiece. There are people who refer to this business card end of the joint as roach. In some places, the term spliff is used to refer to a special kind of joint that contains marijuana along with tobacco inside. Interestingly, in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands where the term spliff actually originated, it is used to refer to a joint that contains purely marijuana. If you are smoking a cigarette filled with marijuana, you are said to be smoking spliff.

Blunt is a term that was originally reserved for a marijuana cigarette that was made by emptying the contents of a cigar and inserting cannabis inside it. However, nowadays a blunt could be anything that is used to be converted into a cannabis cigarette.

What is the difference between Blunt, Joint and Spliff?

• All three, joint, spliff, and blunt, refer to the rolled products used for smoking marijuana.

• Joint is the most generic of the three terms.

• Spliff is a term that originated in the West Indies and refers to a marijuana cigarette while it is used by people in European countries and even in North America as a cigarette that contains both marijuana and tobacco.

• Blunt is a term that was once used for a cigar that has been emptied and filled with marijuana.