Difference Between Comparative Politics and Comparative Government

Comparative Politics vs Comparative Government

Difference between comparative politics and comparative government is very subtle that they are often referred to as one. Studying the political system in terms of divisions, countries, and regions has had substantial history. Politics is the practice and theory related to governance- organized control of the human community which also describes the practice of distribution of power not only within a particular community but also with interrelating communities. Furthermore, a political system is a framework of practices within a particular political territory. That is to say, the political system of one country may (or sometimes may not) be different from that of another country or territory. The body with the political power of a particular territory is called a government. This article explores what comparative politics and government mean and their difference.

What is Comparative Politics?

Comparative politics is a term referring to the study of political understanding of more than one nation-state or country in order to make precise comparisons. It is an area of study in politics that is largely discussed and studied all over the world. There are two main approaches to comparative politics: one being the cross national approach and the other being the area studies approach. The first type of approach involve simultaneous studying of a large number of nation-states in order to obtain a wider understanding of theories and their applications. The latter type of approach deals with an in-depth analysis of politics within a particular political territory, a state, a country, a nation-state, or a region of the world.

What is Comparative Government?

The comparative government is a sub-division of politics that systematically studies, analyses, and compares the nature of governments in a number of selected countries. A government is the topmost hierarchical body of governance in the country or a nation-state. Through the study of comparative government, different forms of governments encountered around the world are studied, analyzed, and compared with a view to understanding the differences and seeking any potential practices a country can learn from another and adapt.

Difference Between Comparative Politics and Comparative Government

What is the difference between Comparative Politics and Comparative Government?

• Comparative politics is a wider body whereas comparative government is one of its sub-divisions.

• Comparative politics studies and compares different theories and political practices of countries or/and nation-states. Comparative government is the study, analysis, and comparison of different government systems around the world.

• Comparative politics is not only about the government; it encompasses studying political aspects in terms of governance, foreign policies, etc. However, comparative government only compares different forms of governmental bodies in the world.

Despite these differences mentioned, the terms comparative politics and comparative government are often referred together in the sense that if a university offers a course in this field, it would best be on comparative politics and government. They are not often separated when studied.