Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

Democrats vs Republicans

Democrats and republicans might appear two terms with the same meaning. It is not true. There are ample differences between the two. The principal difference between democrats and republicans lies in their philosophy.

Democrats firmly believe that the government institutions successfully find solutions to the ills and disparities of the society. The republicans on the contrary believe that the government institutions are not capable of providing ample solutions to the ills and the disparities of the society.

Republicans believe in finding solutions of the ills and disparities of the society by adhering to the principle of liberty through individual choice. The individual choice can be in terms of economic, social, cultural or ideological perspectives. Democrats on the other hand are not for the principle of individual choice.

The Democrats see collective groups of people as victims. They believe that an individual cannot be a lone victim of any policy of a government. On the other hand it is the entire group of people that could be the victim of an unfavorable policy of a government.

The Democratic Party thus aims at raising taxes and redistributing wealth in order to strike a balance between the rich and the poor. They undertake steps to meet the needs of the people from the underclass. They believe in the starting of programs that are centralized. Republicans on the contrary do not believe in the institution of programs that are centralized.

Republicans seem to believe in the concept of SHIP that can be expanded as self-help inspires people. The Republicans try to keep the taxes low by working to keep government size, power, and intrusion into people’s affairs limited. They believe firmly in the fact that money is being kept by those who earn it for government cannot create wealth. Private initiatives alone can create wealth.

  • Pei Nisiniu

    Republicans, by definition should be the party that promotes the Republic. They should seek to empower the 50 INDIVIDUAL STATES, and doing this by undermining the centralized authority of the UNION. Clearly, they do not do this in regards to military power, the extra-constitutional department of defense, or the establishment of the 50 distinct militias to be funded by each individual state. Additionally, the more recent version of the Republican party has been characterized by politicians who consistently sought prolonged military intervention, even without either the constitutionally mandated declaration of war by Congress, or a clear and present danger to American soil. Modern Republicans are also not seeking to repeal the 17th amendment, without which state legislatures would be empowered to select senators which would be specifically loyal to their home state’s legislature. Finally, a quick review of the balance between federal income taxes paid by each of the 50 states, against federal expenditures spent within each of those 50 states, will clearly show that what we now know as “red states” are the net beneficiaries of federal spending, while contributing far less in federal tax revenues. Only blue states, by ratio of taxes paid, to federal appropriations are net contributors. For these easily verifiable reasons, it should be clearly understood that Republicans support neither the state government’s fiscal independence, nor military self-determination, nor overarching legal autonomy. Thus, the Republican party is no longer the party of the Republic. They would be more accurately described as SOCIALLY CONSERVATIVE FEDERALISTS.

  • hora

    Democrat definition are to far from a true, Dems said get solution to a ill, talk, but doing so different, for what I will see Republican help much more a ill. Maybe in a past Democrat was a real political Party, but that end time ago. Divide, discriminate, damage, spend crazy, support criminals activities of any kind, protect mental ill peoples and set free, no mere what damage can doing to a rest, Promote a fraud and illegals immigration, support and protect criminals drug groups by selling weapon, promote a violence and dead against own peoples by disarm and let in hand of criminals, promote terrorist activities inside, lied, promote a small minority against majority, corrupt any thing touch, don’t respect any rules or Law, not respect a US Constitution, promote all mob union Labors, promote set more and more peoples out jobs, corrupt a Justice system, attack all freedom, attack a religion, attack a family with Homosexuals, to long a list. Set in a balance Republican and Dems Republican side go more heavy. Take out business all Dem-Liberals Lawyers and replace for deep conservatives ..It part of a solution.