Difference Between Fascism and Socialism

Fascism vs Socialism

Fascism and Socialism are two schools of thought that differed from each other when it comes to their principles and concepts. Fascism is an authoritarian, nationalist political ideology. On the other hand, socialism is an economic system in which the means of production are either owned by the state or owned commonly but cooperatively controlled. This is the main difference between the two terms.

Fascism supports totalitarian single party state and it is for establishing physical education, indoctrination and family policy as the various means of mobilization of a nation. It is interesting to note that fascism was founded by Italian national syndicalists during World War I.

As a matter of fact, fascism supports the use of paramilitary groups or organization to fight the opponents. Fascism is described as anti-communist, anti-democratic, anti-parliamentary, anti-liberal, anti-individualist and anti-conservative too. On the other hand, fascism appears as a distinctive type of anti-capitalism. It does not support materialism and hierarchy. It is important to know that fascism opposes liberalism to a great extent.

On the other hand, socialism believes in production for use and hence it recommends direct allocation of economic inputs to reach economic goals and human needs. It is interesting to note that the word fascism is derived from the Latin ‘fasces’ It is a symbol of the authority of the civic magistrate in Rome. In fact, this symbol suggested strength through unity. Thus, fascism aims at strength through unity.

Socialism is of two types namely the traditional socialism and modern socialism. Modern socialism began only in the 18th century. Socialism developed as a political system too wherein it includes several political philosophies. On the other hand, fascism was discussed at length in the past by historians, political scientists and other scholars. These are the important differences between fascism to socialism.

  • Stop Controlling Me

    Im glad he includes the following: “socialism is an economic system in which the means of production are either owned by the state or owned commonly but cooperatively controlled.” Since many people forget this.

    Would be best to add examples such as Mussolini’s Italy and Nazi Germany (fascism) as opposed to late 20th century Europe (socialism), and how they apply.

    This entry needs a conclusion/summary. The last paragraph doesn’t make sense and is, anyways, non sequitur.

    • Matthew Morrison

      Fascism is pretty much a right-wing ideology. It is where America is heading thanks to 30+ years of unfettered capitalism and trickle-down economic (Reaganomics). “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross,” – Sinclair Lewis

      • Michael Griffith

        Right and Left are opposites. Is North Korea “Right-wing?”

        The Far Right of the gov’t spectrum is Anarchy. The Far Left is complete Totalitarianism.

      • Viator16

        Just the opposite is true. America is heading toward communism. There is no “unfettered capitalism” in America. It there were, the country wouldn’t be $17 trillion in debt and 100 million people in America wouldn’t be out of work. Socialism has failed wherever it has been tried.

  • Viator16

    The Nazis were socialists. The Communists certainly fit the definition of fascism. So the distinctions that are being made here are bogus. They simply don’t work. Both systems are totalitarian. If individual rights, including property rights, are usurped by a government, does it really matter if it is fascist or socialist? The end result is the same.