Difference Between Onboarding and Orientation

Onboarding vs Orientation

Difference between onboarding and orientation is that onboarding is the process of integrating new employees to the company while orientation is the process of introducing a new employee to the job. These two concepts are related to recruitment that is a main function of human resource management. This article presents to you a brief analysis of these two concepts and details the difference between orientation and on boarding.

What is Orientation?

Orientation programs are focused on introducing the company for the newly recruited employees. It provides various details of the company regarding the company policies, procedures, culture, working environment, health and safety measures, etc. So this program helps to provide a clear understanding of the nature of the company to its employees. Usually, the Human Resource Department of the organization is responsible for conducting the orientation programs for the newly joined employees.It has four main objectives as,

• To familiarize the working conditions for the newly joined employees.

• To establish a favorable attitude about the company in the mind of the new employees.

• To obtain effective output from the new employee in the shortest possible time.

• To retain the employees within the organization.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is a strategic process of bringing a new employee to the organization and providing information, training, mentoring and coaching throughout the transition.This process begins at the acceptance of an offer and throughout the first six to twelve months of employment. The onboarding process helps to build up a good relationship between the new employee and his supervisor/manager. The main objectives of the onboarding process can be listed as follows,

• To facilitate the new employee’s ability to contribute in the new role.

• To increase the new employee’s comfort level in the new role.

• To reinforces his/her decision to stay within the company.

• To enhance productivity.

• To encouragetowards commitment and employee engagement.

As indicated in the below diagram, the onboarding process can be elaborated as a combination of activities as preparation, orientation, integration, engagement and follow up.

 Difference Between Orientation and On Boarding

What is the difference between Onboarding and Orientation?

• Onboarding is an ongoing process of establishing the employee within the organization.

• Orientation is a part/subset of the onboarding process where new employees learn about the company and their job responsibilities.

• The goal of onboarding is to create a willingness of the employees to work for the organization. The goal of orientation is to familiarize the working environment and company culture for the new employees.

• Both these concepts are related with the recruitment process of the human resource management.


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