Difference Between Pancake and Waffle Batter

Pancake vs Waffle Batter

When it comes to breakfast, there are lots of food items, but pancake and waffles take the cake as these recipes are most popular among American households. The recipes look very similar making people wonder if there is any difference in pancake and waffle batter. In fact, both are types of quick breads relying on eggs and baking powder, to get their form. In this article, we shall attempt to find out the differences, if any, between pancake and waffle batter.

Dough is made up of flour and water. Leavening is either natural and takes place on its own or forced as when we add baking powder, yeast or soda. When the amount of water used is low and the mixture is manipulated using hands, the dough is supposed to be bread dough. More moisture or water means the dough cannot stand on its own and has to be baked in a pan. One can think of banana or pound cake in this category of quick breads. When the amount of moisture is even higher, the dough is referred to as batter and waffle and pancake dough is thus called batter. Batter cannot stand being wet, remaining in a bowl until it is placed inside an oven, to be cooked.

Pancake batter is poured directly onto a hot pan and does not require an iron to work as a mold, which is what waffle batter is poured into get the desired shape. Thus, there are iron girdles that provide round, heart, or square shape to waffles made in the end. There are girdles that allow making thicker or thinner waffles also. However, talking about end products is taking us ahead of the topic, isn’t it?

Talking of batter, the ingredients in the recipes are nearly the same. People make use of forced leavening in the form of baking soda, egg whites, yoke, or baking powder. In general, the batter of waffle tends to be thicker than the batter used to make pancakes. This may be also because people prefer thinner pancakes. Here, is a piece of advice. Do not go for a thinner batter to make waffle as it has to be put into iron. One difference that stands out is that the waffle batter is sweeter and fatter so as to turn waffles browner and crispier. Another difference is that many whips up egg whites and yokes separately, and adds to waffle batter just before cooking in the oven. This foam makes the waffles airier than pancakes. Pancakes are also softer than waffles, which tend to be crisper.


What is the difference between Pancake Batter and Waffle Batter?

• Pancakes are softer and rounder than waffles that are crisper and come in many different shapes.

• Waffle batter tends to be thicker than the batter of pancakes.

• Waffle batter contains more fat and sugar than that of pancakes.

• Waffle batter is poured into differently shaped irons to make round, square, or heart shaped waffles.