Difference Between Marxism and Socialism

Marxism vs Socialism

Marxism and Socialism are two kinds systems that are to be understood as different when it comes to their concepts and ideologies. Marxism is more theoretical in nature whereas Socialism is more practical in nature. This is one of the main differences between Marxism and Socialism.

Another difference between Marxism and Socialism is that Marxism is political in its concepts whereas Socialism is economic in its ideologies. In other words it can be said that Socialism is an economic system wherein all the means of production are owned by the public. Socialism aims at the co-operative system of control over the means of production.

On the other hand Marxism aims at bringing about a kind of equanimity between the rich and the poor by implementing the ideologies based on history. It is indeed true that history forms the basis of Marxism put forward by Karl Marx. If his principles or ideas are carried out in a practical way then Marxism leads to Communism.

On the other hand Socialism is based heavily on cooperative social relations and self-management. It aims at the elimination of hierarchy in the management of political affairs. Hence it can be said that Socialism too is a kind of political thought though its ideas are based more on the economic issues of the development of society.

Socialism aims at the achievement of the state of production for use. Its ideas see to it that the allocation inputs are carried out in the right manner to satisfy human needs. This is the crux of socialism. On the other hand Marxism has its ideology based on the thought about the uplift of the poor and the granting of a status to them on par with the rich. Socialism on the other hand is a mixture of reformation and revolution in equal proportions. These are the differences between Marxism and Socialism.