Difference Between Paprika and Sweet Paprika

Paprika vs Sweet Paprika

Paprika is a powder made from the fruit of capsicum peppers, and it is used as a spice to not only colour soups and stews but also to add aroma and flavour. There are many different types of paprika produced in different parts of the world, and people remain especially confused between paprika and sweet paprika. Though they look the same, there are differences between paprika and sweet paprika that will be taken into account in this article.

What is Paprika?

Paprika is a very commonly used spice in the Americas. In fact, it is the 4th most-eaten spice in the whole world. Though the colour of paprika powder is mostly red, it can be brown or even yellow depending upon the variety of pepper used to make the spice. Powder that is labeled as paprika is not hot. It is not sweet either and is mainly used for garnishing and also to add colour to food dishes such as devilled eggs. Paprika is made after drying the fruits of bell pepper or chili pepper and then grounding them. The primary producers of Paprika are Hungary, Spain, Serbia, and some regions of the US. Paprika burns in hot oil quickly. This is why it should not be allowed to remain in hot oil for more than few seconds.

What is Sweet Paprika?

This is a spice that is made by grounding a variety of capsicum peppers called Noble Sweet. As the taste of this spice is very mild, it is mainly used to garnish and add colour to food dishes. It is used for seasoning of rice and stews and also as one of the ingredients in sausages.

What is the difference between Paprika and Sweet Paprika?

• Sweet paprika is a type of paprika spice.

• Paprika is made from dried capsicum pepper fruits after grounding them.

• Paprika is rather bland in taste whereas sweet paprika is sweet in taste.

• Sweet paprika is produced from a genre of capsicum peppers called Noble Sweet.


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