Difference Between Poetry and Prose

Poetry vs Prose

Poetry and prose are two different ways of communicating through text or written language. While the basic purpose remains communication and expression of one’s feelings and emotions, there are many differences between poetry and prose. It is the manner in which feelings are communicated that make poetry different from prose. Most of the time, we deal with prose, but poetry remains popular and important because of artistic reasons. In this article, we shall attempt to highlight the differences between poetry and prose for the readers.


Prose is the name given to the form of communication in literature that makes use of ordinary language to express ones ideas and feelings. Simple language in written form is prose. This form of written communication is most common and is used all over the world in offices, magazines, newspapers, courts, schools etc. We make use of prose only in our lives when we have to communicate with others in the form of letters and notes (nowadays SMS too) though the more artistic among us capable of creating poems also make use of poetry for communication.


Poetry is a form of communication that is artistic and very impressive for the reader. It is rhythmical but follows the same rules of grammar of the language that apply on spoken and written language. Poetry is as ancient as civilization, or at least the time when language was invented for communication. However, poetry does not come naturally to everyone just as not everyone can create music. But just as all of us love music, we love to read poems too.

What is the difference between Poetry and Prose?

• Anyone can construct a piece of prose, but not everyone can write a poem.

• Prose is simply spoken language in a written form as it follows the same rules of grammar.

• Poetry is more structured and is often rhythmical or rhyming in nature.

• Poetry appears to be more artistic or literary than prose.

• Poetry is more attractive and impressive than prose.

• For people who do not understand poetry, prose is always better.

• It is content that is more important in prose, whereas it is the structure that is more important in poetry.

• Everyday writing is all prose.

• Prose makes use of simple language without any ornamentation.

• Poetry is more abstract than prose.