Difference Between Zionism and Judaism

Zionism vs Judaism

Zionism and Judaism are two religions with many differences between them. One of the main differences between Zionism and Judaism is that Zionism explains the faith of some Jewish people while Judaism explains the philosophical and the metaphysical truths that caused the formation of the Jewish state. Judaism has a very fundamentalist outlook. On the other hand, Zionism does not have a fundamentalist outlook. One of the important observations, when it comes to the difference between Zionism and Judaism is that, all the practitioners of Zionism are the practitioners of Judaism, as well. On the other hand, not all the practitioners of Judaism are the practitioners of Zionism. This is because all Jews do not agree with the extremist views of Zionism.

What is Judaism?

The practitioners of Judaism are called Jews. The practitioners of Judaism live in several parts of the world particularly in Israel and America. It is not necessary that all of them should subscribe to the views of Zionism. When it comes to center focus, Judaism is centered on spirituality. On the other hand, Judaism is all about spiritual growth. It speaks a lot about piety. Judaism says that spirituality and piety are the goals set by the Almighty on the people or the followers of the religion.

Another important observation, when it comes to the study of Judaism is that, this religion opposes military prowess as the supreme prowess. One need not show technological advancement as proof of the power. A Jew or the follower of Judaism is more concerned about the history of the Jews. Judaism teaches that human life should be led with simplicity and dignity, and this is the reason why we see the Jews lead simple and dignified lives.

Judaism teaches that the Jews should involve themselves in the performance of rituals in a regular manner. A Jew is a strict believer in the existence of God and the Torah, which is the holy book of Jewish. Judaism says that the Jews should live or lead their lives according to the tenets or the dogmas of the holy book called the Torah.

Difference Between Zionism and Judaism

What is Zionism?

Zionism is a religion followed by some of the Jewish population. This is an extreme view that is not peaceful. Moreover, the practitioners of Zionism are called Zionists. One of the important differences between Zionism and Judaism is that Zionism is more centered on racism. Zionism concentrates on expansionism as well, in addition to racism. Moreover, Zionism believes in the power of technological advancement. It says that high technology is a driver of force.

Then, when it comes to a Zionist, a Zionist would not mind having a little factual information about the history of his people, but would certainly have notions about the origin of his race. Zionism, especially, speaks about the right of the Zionist on the Holy Land. It speaks about how the other people have conquered the lands that actually belonged to them.

 Zionism vs Judaism

What is the difference between Zionism and Judaism?

• Definitions of Zionism and Judaism:

• Judaism is a peaceful religion based on the Torah.

• Zionism is a faith followed by some extremist Jews and is not peaceful.

• Name of the Practitioner:

• The practitioner or the follower of Judaism is known as Jew.

• The practitioner or the follower of Zionism is known as Zionist.

• Objective:

• The objective of Jews is to follow the God’s word and live accordingly.

• The objective of Zionists is taking back the Holy Land of Jews using military force.

• Center Focus:

• Judaism is centered on spirituality.

• Zionism is more centered on racism.

• Military Power and Technology:

• Judaism does not believe that military power and technology should be considered as ways of showing one’s power.

• Zionism believes very much about military power and technological advancements.

This is another key difference between Zionism and Judaism.

• Torah and the God:

• Judaism respects and accepts the Torah and the God.

• Zionism does not respect or accept the Torah and the God.

• Connection between Zionism and Judaism:

• All Zionists are Jews.

• However, not all Jews are Zionists.

These are the fundamental differences between Zionism and Judaism.


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  1. A Yemenite Jew at morning prayers via Wikicommons (Public Domain)
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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ISK4ZB43YD75XB36I3WP4XLZ6Y Donah

    Not so interesting to me… but
    one thing has been left out:- Who are the real Jews and who are the fakes… ??
    I know but I won´t tell you


  • Paul Wieder

    Zionism is not a religion! It its a political belief, that the Jews should have their own country and that this country is Israel.
    Judaism IS a religion, and one of the world’s oldest.
    While many Jews are Zionists, there are Jews who are not Zionists, and Zionists who are not Jews.
    This entire post needs to be rewritten.

  • Paul Wieder

    “Zionism explains the faith of the Jewish people.” WRONG. Judaism explains the faith, Zionism explains the political beliefs.

    “Judaism has a very fundamentalist outlook. On the other hand, Zionism does not have a fundamentalist outlook.” WHAT? Some Jews and some Zionists are fundamentalist, but the vast majority are not.

    “all the practitioners of Zionism are the practitioners of Judaism, as well.” WRONG. You don’t have to be Jewish to have Zionist ideals. Many non-Jews believe in a Jewish homeland for the Jews.

    “It is not necessary that all of them should subscribe to the views of Zionism.” Whether it is “necessary” or not is debatable. It is simplythe fact that not all Jews are Zionists.

    “Zionism is more centered about racism.” This is a BLATANT LIE, and extremely anti-Semitic. There is NOTHING “racist” about Zionism. There are many successful Arabs and other taking major parts in all aspects of Israeli life, including its government.

    “On the other hand, Judaism is centered about spirituality.” This is misleading. There are many practical aspects to Judaism.”

    There are too many errors to continue. I am going to inform the hosts of this site about this VERY BAD AND WRONG and even DANGEROUS post.

  • Yubal Masalker

    There are many inaccuracies hereby about Zionism and Judaism.

    Zionism is not a religion but a nation-oriented movement. Zionism does not explain the Jewish faith. Jewish faith is explained in Kabbala which is by the Oxford dictionary: “the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible.”

    Zionism used the Jewish faith in the Biblical Promised Land to get attached to the idea of returning to that Promised Land (today’s Israel). I guess that indeed at the Zionism beginning, only Jews attached themselves with Zionism, but today also many non-Jewish sympathize with Zionism inside and outside of Israel. There are quite a few non-Jewish who had immigrated to Israel for various reasons in the last decades and living in Israel as of equal rights citizens.

    Zionism is not at all based upon racism. In Israel there are Jews of diverse races. There are Black African Jews from Ethiopia, Indian Jews from India, Arabian Jews from many Arabic countries, East-European Jews, Western Jews like Jews from North American & Western European countries. All these Jews from various countries and races have typical characteristics of look, body and behavior like the very diverse people living in the different countries of their origins.

    Read below Zionism by Britannica:

    “Jewish nationalism movement with the goal of establishing a Jewish state in
    In the 16th–17th century, a number of “messiahs” tried to persuade the Jews to return to Palestine, but by the late 18th century interest had largely faded. Pogroms in Eastern Europe led to formation of the “Lovers of Zion,” which promoted the settlement of Jewish farmers and artisans in Palestine. In the face of persistent anti-Semitism, Theodor Herzl advocated a Jewish state in Palestine. He held the first Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897. After
    World War I the movement picked up momentum with the issuing of the Balfour Declaration. The Jewish population in Palestine increased from 90,000 in 1914 to 238,000 in 1933. The Arab population resisted Zionism, and the British tried unsuccessfully to reconcile Jewish and Arab demands. Zionism achieved its goal with the creation of Israel in 1948.”

    Judaism as religion does not have any overall fundamental outlook. But there is a fundamental interpretation of the Jewish belief by some religious Jewish groups which are named generally as Ultra-orthodox (Haredim in Hebrew) Jews.