Difference Between Relay and Circuit Breaker

Relay vs Circuit Breaker   Electricity is a powerful source of energy, and its applications are innumerable. However, uncontrolled and unprotected electricity is very dangerous. Power overloads and short circuits may cause equipment damage, and sometime fire and human casualties. Therefore, it can be put to use for satisfying requirements only if we can control […]

Difference Between DC Motor and DC Generator

DC Motor vs DC Generator   The basic internal structure of the DC motor and DC generator are the same and works on the Faraday’s laws of induction. However, the way DC motor operates is different to the way DC generator operators. This article takes closer look at the structure of DC motor and generator […]

Difference Between Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer (Potential Transformer)

Current Transformer vs Voltage Transformer (Potential Transformer)   A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another using electromagnetic induction through inductively coupled conductors, also called the transformer’s coils. Based on the number of turnings in the secondary coil, an electromotive force and a related current are induced in the […]

Difference Between Synchronous Motor and Induction Motor

Synchronous Motor vs Induction Motor   Both Induction motors and synchronous motors are AC motors used to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. More about Induction Motors Based on the principles of electromagnetic induction, the first induction motors were invented by Nikola Tesla (in 1883) and Galileo Ferraris (in 1885), independently. Because of its simple […]

Difference Between Servo Motor and Induction Motor

Servo Motor vs Induction Motor   Motors are the class of electromechanical devices which convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. In some applications, pure torque is needed to drive a mechanism, and in some applications, the position and the rotational speed of the mechanism have to be controlled. Induction motor delivers pure uncontrolled torque, […]

Difference Between Isolator and Circuit Breaker

Isolator vs Circuit Breaker   Electricity plays a prominent role in our society. Almost every household appliances and industrial machinery works on electricity. Despite its extreme usefulness electricity can be harmful, when faults occur in the electrical system. Power overloads and short circuits may cause equipment damage. Prevention of such incidents is imminent when installing […]

Difference Between Generator and Alternator

Generator vs Alternator   Broadly defining, a generator is a generic term for a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy, and an alternator is a type of generator that generates an alternating current. More about Electric Generator The fundamental principle behind the operation of any electrical generator is Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. […]

Difference Between AC and DC Power

AC vs DC Power   Power is a measure of the rate of energy flowing through a conductor. The power delivered from an alternating current source is also alternating, and it is known as AC power. The power delivered from a direct current source is not changing with time, and it is known as DC […]