Difference Between Witchcraft and Sorcery

Witchcraft vs Sorcery

Witchcraft and Sorcery are two terms that are to be understood with difference. Witchcraft refers to the exercising of innate power in a psychic manner on the opponents or other persons without using spells. On the other hand, sorcery refers to the use of spells, rituals and ceremonies on the opponent or the enemy or any other person to bring him down. This is the main difference between the two terms.

It is indeed true that both witchcraft and sorcery are wicked in nature, and are used against the opponents. The performance of ceremonies is not required in the case of witchcraft. It is just the exercising of the psychic power. On the other hand, the performance of ceremonies is absolutely essential in the case of sorcery. The ceremonies or rituals are meant to bring more power to the performer.

It is interesting to note that sorcery can be performed by anybody, and there is no necessity of innate ability to do it. On the other hand, witchcraft cannot be performed by anybody for that matter, and there is certainly a necessity of innate ability to do it. It is believed that witchcraft is accompanied by some characteristics marks that pertain to the witch or the performer.

It is important to note that the hair of the witch cannot be cut. Eyes have the touch of fascination. No tears roll on their cheeks. A witch would not cast a shadow, even if, seated in bright sun shine! On the other hand, sorcery is a perfect exploitation of nature.

It is important to know that sorcery is deemed less evil minded when compared to witchcraft, which is more even minded in sense. These are the differences between the two important terms, namely, witchcraft and sorcery.

  • janine deems

    I know this is late in coming however I have only just discovered this sight. This is a very interesting subject and might I add without attempting to sound rude that you are not wrong about what these things are however you do have them backwards. It is sorcery that is innate. And witchcraft that contains spells and rituals. Have a nice day.